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Counselling and Mental Wellness Resources during Covid-19

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Windsor-Essex Counselling Support Line

The Windsor-Essex Counselling Support Line (WECSL) is available to provide timely, safe and responsive telephone counselling support to people who are having difficulty coping effectively at this time. The confidential support line is available to everyone in Windsor and Essex County, including individuals, couples, seniors and families.

Talking with a counsellor can help you reduce your feelings of sadness, anger, fear and anxiety that have developed as a result of, or been intensified by the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Support Line can also help you learn new coping skills to manage these feelings.

The Windsor Essex Counselling Support Line offers professional counsellors who are members of the Ontario College of Social Workers and who are experienced in providing personal counselling services.

The WECSL will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To access the helpline, people can call 519-946-3277 or 1-877-451-1055. Information on the Support Line being offered can also be accessed at #TalkToUsWE.

The Support Line is meant to assist people experiencing mild to moderate distress. Individuals with severe mental health conditions or experiencing a crisis should call the Community Crisis Centre (24/7) at 519-973-4435 or for emergencies, call 911.

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