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Our Programs


A multi-racial and multi-ethnic group of young and middle-aged men and women sitting down and talking to each other.

Walk-in Wellness Group Sessions

The Walk-In Wellness Group Sessions are designed to help adults (18 yrs and older) manage their daily lives. Providing tools and techniques that people can learn, practice and implement to respond to daily challenges and deal with past and/or current issues.

A young white woman sitting on a green couch talking with a counsellor.

Walk-in Counselling Clinic

Talk with a qualified counsellor without a scheduled appointment. We offer immediate access to counselling services throughout Windsor and Essex County through our Walk-In Counselling Clinic. Openings on a first-come first-serve basis.

A young white woman sitting in a white chair during a counselling session.

Counselling Appointments

Book an appointment to talk with a qualified counsellor. We offer scheduled counselling appointment times throughout Windsor and Essex County. Evening and Saturday appointments are also available.

A multi-racial group of people sitting in chairs talking with a counsellor.

Group Counselling

Our Group Counselling Programs use relevant and evidenced-based therapeutic formats to promote personal awareness and growth.  Our group programs provide training to help you make substantial changes in your life towards your desired outcomes.

A young white man sitting down with a red sensor cap on his head for a neurofeedback brain mapping session


Neurofeedback is a tool that can use your brain’s natural electrical activity to help it function more effectively.  Your brainwaves are observed in action and your brain is rewarded for changing its own activity to more desirable patterns. 

Support Services

Two middle-aged multi-racial men sitting on a couch looking at a phone

Windsor-Essex Housing Connections

Windsor-Essex Housing Connections (WEHC) is a partnership of agencies who work together to help people find affordable, rental housing and end the cycle of homelessness.

Financial banking on mobile phone

Voluntary Trusteeship

Through our Voluntary Trusteeship and Financial Literacy Program, we can help people better manage their money, pay their bills on time and teach people basic money management.

Two people closing a large cardboard box with tape

Hoarding Response

Through our Hoarding Response Service, we can help people deal with the clutter in their home and de-clutter to create an organized, safe and healthy place to live.

A younger white woman holding an older white woman's hands

Elder Abuse Response

Through our Elder Abuse Response Service, we help older adults deal with neglect, bullying and abuse. 

A middle aged white man smiling and sitting in a wheelchair looking at someone across the table

Adult Protective Service Worker

Through our Adult Protective Service Worker (APSW) Program, we help adults with developmental disabilities living in the community to be independent, safe and secure. Staff help adults in accessing community services and supports.

A brown skinned, middle-aged man in a wheelchair being comforted by another person whose hand is on the man's back.


Through our Avenues Program, we provide personalized human resource and financial support for people with individualized or Passport funding.  Our qualified staff help adults with developmental disabilities recruit, hire and maintain independent contractors and employees.

Two middle-aged white women standing up and looking into the distance.

Partner Assault Response

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program is a domestic violence, court initiative that delivers specialized, community-based, group education/counselling programming to domestic violence offenders.

Other Programs

A multi-racial group of men and women, some sitting down and some standing up, in a room looking in different directions.

Community Mediation Windsor-Essex (CMWE)

Community Mediation Windsor-Essex is a free service that helps individuals and families to resolve conflicts or disagreements.

An Income Tax Return from the Canada Revenue Agency

Income Tax Completion

We can complete and file Income Tax Returns for individuals and couples with simple tax returns and a modest income.

A young white woman wearing a surgical mask standing outside next o a tall concrete building

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