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Employee Assistance Program

The Company You Keep

Your organization is only as strong as the people in it. When your employees and their families are strong and resilient, your organization prospers. Since 1974, FSEAP has been providing employee and family assistance programs, wellness solutions, and consulting to organizations across Canada. As the only national not-for-profit provider, we believe healthy families and workplaces create healthy, thriving communities.

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Optimized Well-being, Engagement, And Performance

When organizations experience workplace challenges, or an employee requires assistance, we know that relevant, seamless, and effective interventions are critical. FSEAP’s personal and responsive services help you address employee mental and physical health concerns before they become an issue. Our demonstrated methods get meaningful real-life results for employees, their families, and workplaces.

FSEAP can help your organization:

  • Create and maintain healthy and productive work environments
  • Keep employees well, focused, and at work
  • Increase employee engagement and performance
  • Create better workplace cultures and organizational morale
  • Prevent accidents and work-related injuries
  • Reduce overall health care and disability claim costs

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