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Our Purpose

Family Services Windsor-Essex (FSWE) is a non-profit, charitable organization serving Windsor and Essex County. We help people to restore their ability to choose their own place in the world through counselling and individual support services. For organizations of all sizes, we offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and wellness solutions.

Our Why

What makes us human is the drive to self-determination. When people lose this drive due to injustices such as trauma, poverty, exclusion and discrimination, FSWE provides support to build resiliency and restore people’s ability to choose their own place in the world.

Our Vision

Healthy, resilient and connected people, families and communities.

Our Mission

Supporting Communities and Families; Strengthening People.

Our Theory of Change

FSWE has a theory of change because we really care about the difference that makes a difference.  Running a human service agency like FSWE means that we need to be really clear about

  • Our purpose and why it matters
  • The work that we do every day to serve the people we support
  • What are the changes in their lives that we’re looking to see
  • How do we know that our work is working

A theory of change helps us do that and explains the steps we take and assumptions we believe to achieve the impact that we want to see in the world.

A graphical description of FSWE's theory of change.
Download our Theory of Change


  • We believe in everyone’s drive to self-determination
  • We believe in supporting people to build their resiliency
  • We believe in helping restore people’s ability to choose their own place in the world

What we do

  • Qualified counsellors help people grow and develop, through walk-ins, appointments and groups.
  • Client-centered support services provide strategies to help people live independently
  • A complete range of financial services to help budget, manage debt and develop financial literacy

What we hope to achieve

  • People are valued and included
  • People’s basic needs are met
  • People are mentally well
  • Windsor-Essex is a better place to live

Our Impact

  • People will find their purpose
  • Increased resiliency
  • Enhanced individual capacity and a stronger community

Our History

Family Services Windsor-Essex is an amalgamated corporation of Family Service Windsor-Essex County and Citizen Advocacy Windsor-Essex.

Family Service Windsor-Essex County was established in 1951, as an agency offering counselling services to individuals, couples and families.  The agency was one of the first organizations to be funded by United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County.

Citizen Advocacy Windsor-Essex was established in 1975 as an organization to assist adults with a developmental disability to live full lives in the community.

In 2012, these agencies voluntarily decided to amalgamate to form FSWE.  The newly amalgamated corporation became a not-for-profit Ontario corporation with charitable status.

The Hub

In 2014, FSWE purchased office space at 1770 Langlois.  The building’s size presented an opportunity for FSWE to invite community agencies to co-locate and share office space.  In searching for partner agencies with similar values and complimentary services, the idea to develop a “community hub” evolved.

The Langlois Community Hub was created in the fall of 2014 to bring together complementary but previously separated services, professions and organizations across the health, mental health, legal and financial sectors. The creation of the “Hub” was a voluntary decision by the five agencies and their respective Boards of Directors to take advantage of the opportunities for greater service collaboration and cooperation, resource sharing, cross-program referral and streamlined access to services for maximized client outcomes.

The purpose of the Langlois Community Hub is to have a “one-stop” centre that will enhance the connectivity, alignment and collaboration between different sectors to better serve people.

Community Hub Partners include: Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, Windsor-Essex Bilingual Legal Clinic, Family Services Windsor-Essex and Windsor Pride Community.

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