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Your Donation Helps Rebuild Lives

There is no health without mental health and a person’s mental health suffers without a roof over their head, a stable income, addressing personal traumas, being valued as a person and being part of the community.



Family Services Windsor-Essex (FSWE) understands these connections and provides counseling, advocacy and support services so that people can address these issues and reach their personal potential.






Thank You for helping us to build capacity one person and one family

at a time as they reach towards the rest of their lives!

What People Are Saying

“By the second Group Counselling Session, I could already notice how my self-talk was changing. By the end of the group, it was very noticeable. I’ve been more positive in my everyday life.”  JA

“They helped find me a place to live through the Housing First Program. It has changed my life from loneliness, anger and frustration to living with hope.” LM

“Their Financial Literacy Program has helped me manage my money properly and understand saving. I can now take care of my money properly and will continue to do so in the future.” CR

“Such helpful Support Services available, as well as wonderful people working there. Thanks for all your help” Anonymous online

Learn more about the many services Family Services Windsor-Essex offers in our community

to help build resiliency and restore people’s ability to choose their own place in the world.

Need to Talk?  We can Help.  Contact us today at 1-888-933-1831 or [email protected].